Number Jump Game

Number Jump Game

Number Jump Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Learning Games

In this web game we have used a genre similar to Doodle Jump for teaching numbers. We have used a method in which children will become familiar with numbers' shapes, names and order by seeing and listening to them in their proper order. This game can be very useful in teaching numbers to children from 3 to 6 years old. Have fun!

12,110 play times

How to Play Number Jump Game

Touch on mobile device or mouse on PC. At the start get the bear to jump on the 1 cloud and then the 2 cloud and so on until you reach the top.

Kids and Arithmetic - Solving Number Problems

Children in trouble with arithmetic cannot seem to remember math problems even though they review them over and over again. Before and after games, with numbers, are helpful for math understanding. Also a good way to learn arithmetic is to use numbers in practical ways around the house. The arithmetic children use in school, that is, number problems on a page, are really a formalization of all kinds of experiences dealing with measurements, time, and space. Children who are performing poorly in math at school do not need drilling at home of specific problems. If they are to develop the foundations for competency in math, they need multiple experiences that allow them to reason with numbers in their activities of daily living. These activities will allow them, in turn, to develop the generalizations necessary for handling the formal arithmetic they encounter at school. Enjoyable, fun experiences will go further toward helping your child than a repetition of the frustration he regularly faces when confronted with formal math.

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