Blast the Balloons Game

Blast the Balloons Game

Blast the Balloons Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Balloon Games

This online game offer a lot of balloon popping action. Blast the balloons and collect the score. Balloon speed is increasing as you proceed. Your goal is to get as many points as possible. Have fun!

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How to Play Blast the Balloons Game

Tap or click on the balloons.

Why is popping a Balloon a Physical Change

It is a physical change because it's only losing air. when you put air in the balloon it's still a balloon, and when it loses air it's still a balloon. So it's a physical change since it didn't change in substance. The best way to pop a balloon is to take a sharp or pointy object aim it at the balloon and stab the balloon or you could sit or squeeze it till it pops. People pop balloons to either scare little kids or to just get rid of them. Another great reason is to have fun.

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