Candy Blast Game

Candy Blast Game

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Candy Blast is a fantastic free online gems game in which you are tasked with eating as many pieces of candy as you may want. The eating means crushing them by match three or more of them next to each other. The sweets are very colorful that you might actually feel like grabbing a few from the screen and tasting them. The web game has extremely great animations and when you get stuck, and set that is ready will begin to pulse softly. The aim of the game is to remove as many pieces of candy as possible within the time limit that you have been given. This is a fun bejeweled game that seeks to see how many sets you can blow up before the clock runs out. This is a kids bejeweled game that you will enjoy simply because of its design. You will want to play this bejeweled game many times over. The sight of the sweets and the scoring method is what makes it so great. You want to do better the second time round so you better look for those pieces of candy. Sometimes, you may have to play the bejeweled game using a strategy, but in this case your task is to break as many of the gems as you can get. There is no other objective other than top break the gems and earn the points. If you believe that you can handle the pressure of running against a clock then this is the kids game for you. Have Fun!

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How to Play Candy Blast Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to select candies.

Candy Always Please the Person Eating it

Everybody loves candy and that is the reason why Candy Crush, a free online gems game is bound to be a hit with you. When you go to the candy store, your mouth is filled with saliva and you cannot wait to pop one into your mouth. They just seem to be gleaming invitingly on the shelves, tempting you to buy them. Taking sweets is not a bad thing; actually candy was eaten by aristocrats way back in history, and the peasants started making their own at home, and it became a cottage industry on its own. Candy was used to entice young children to do a lot of chores or errands and they loved it. It is also the favorite when it comes to Halloween. Children go around announcing whether one would like to give a treat or get a trick, and the treats are mainly sweets. Over Christmas, you will see the tree decorated with a lot of candy sticks. Candy has always pleased the person who was eating it. The only thing is that one should not eat too much of it since it can give you an upset stomach. Play this online kids game with care lest you eat too much.

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