Infinite Dirt Bike Game

Infinite Dirt Bike Game

Infinite Dirt Bike Game - Play Fun Bike Racing Games Online

Infinite Dirt Bike is a bike racing game where the goal is to make the greatest score by going as far as possible, while doing loads of air tricks. The more checkpoints you reach, the shorter the time limit. Do not hesitate to make a maximum of aerial tricks to earn bonuses faster. They will greatly facilitate your task. But be careful not to fall on your head. A strategy to the game is not to always go full throttle. You have to observe the terrain and figure out if you need to speed up or slow down. Have fun!

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How to Play Infinite Dirt Bike Game

Click mouse to start a level. Tilt left and right with left and right arrows. Esc to quit game. Accelerate forward with forward arrow.

Fun Facts for Kids about Dirt Bike Racing

Dirt bike racing is a thrilling sport and the bikes are controlled by expert riders to the joy of the watching spectators. Dirt bike racing has many forms, there are those where you race on an open circuit and those where you race on a closed one. The most favorite is that where a closed circuit is used because the riders are always in the view of the spectators making it very good to watch. When on an open circuit a route is mapped out is a secluded area, such as a forest, and the bikes are allowed to race. The open circuit does not allow spectators to see the riders all the time, and they have to look for a spot to watch the riders as they streak by. Most dirt bike races will have obstacles which the riders have to go over, the riders try their best to go over 2 or 3 obstacles at the same time to save on time, and usually the most daring riders will top the rest who have to slow so as to take the obstacles slowly. If you go to one of those races you will be amazed at the spectacle that will unfold before your eyes.

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