Jewelry Contesting Game

Jewelry Contesting Game

Jewelry Contesting Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Puzzle Games

Jewelry Contesting is a game where you need to pair the fixed jewelry with coming jewelry. The coming jewelry will change their shape and color in move and you need to follow them and to create the same shape, otherwise the game will over. Play without time warning, unlimited time. Have fun!

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The World's Largest Jewelry Heist

Most criminals have probably had a fantasy or two about pulling off a once in a lifetime kind of jewelry heist worth millions. One of the largest jewel heist in history took place January 20th, 1976. The British Bank of the Middle East located in Beirut, Lebanon got robbed by the Palestinians terror organization PLO. The group made off with a staggering 25 million worth of gold, jewels, stocks and currency, valued at much more than 100 million in today's money. The group blasted the wall of the bank that was shared with the Catholic Church next door. With the assistance of Corsican locksmiths, they opened the vault and plundered the contents over the course of 2 days. Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun? Well, then you should definitely play our free Jewelry Contesting game.

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