Y8 Rocket Simulator Game

Y8 Rocket Simulator Game

Y8 Rocket Simulator Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Flying Games

Y8 Rocket Simulator is an exciting puzzle simulation game here on our website and it's a game about building an ambitious space rocket that will be used to perform space missions. The first part of the game will be to learn how to assemble parts of the rocket. You will have to manage to put together the parts of the rocket puzzle by yourself. The important parts includes the Cargo fairing, Middle section which contains the fuel and the Rocket Engine that will burn the fuel and propel the rocket up into the sky. The mission will test your ability to build and test rocket simulation until you become confident enough to perform more ambitious missions like sending an astronaut to the space, reaching far distances such as the orbit, satellite and even the Moon! Become the rocket scientist in this game and send rocket into space for a successful missions! Upon completing the mission you will see be presented with some facts as a bonus!

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How to Play Y8 Rocket Simulator Game

Use your mouse to Interact/Drag and drop objects. Use left and right arrow to Steer left/right (on flight).

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