Trivia Quiz Game

Trivia Quiz Game

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This game also more than deserves its name. You get to test your general knowledge in this trivia quiz game. How many questions can you answer correctly? Enjoy a simple, clean and welcoming theme. Easy to configure Trivia Quiz. Question separated into different difficulty levels (easy questions first, followed by more challenging questions). 30 randomly rotated questions per round. Over 100 different questions in the pool. Enought to keep you busy for quite a while. Have fun!

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How to Play Trivia Quiz Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen.

All About the Skill of Abstract Thinking

Abstract thinking is a skill that not everyone has but that can be won through the appropriate kind of training. This type of thinking is primarily concerned with the detailed breakdown of complex problems. An example: A triangle consists of the point A, B and C. In comparison to humans, an animal would theoretically run to the points according to the landmarks of known alphabetic order. A person, on the other hand, would use abstract thought and go directly from point A to point C, in order to cover the distance in the shortest possible time.

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