Insight Master Game

Insight Master Game

Insight Master Game Online - Play Fun Kids Brain Puzzle Games

The game idea for Insight Master was taken from Mastermind. Here you get to master your sixth sense in this challenging puzzle game. You have a two guesses to find a right combination to pass to the next level. This fun brain puzzle game features 10 unique levels with improving difficulty in each of one. Your time is limited, so act fast. Have fun!

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How to Play Insight Master Game

Just use mouse or touch to progress each level. ou have to find correct item in each level. Levels gets harder as you progress. You always have a second chance if make a wrong guess.

Why Brain Games and Teasers are Good for you

A healthy brain works better longer, keeping memory accurate and thought processes clear. The same things that keep your body healthy (exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep) also keep your brain healthy. However, there is one additional step to preserving the brain's health and abilities: exercise for the brain. Doing crosswords and puzzles, learning a new language, playing brain games and spending time with friends and colleagues are all important parts of preserving your brain and memory. These activities have been shown to stimulate the brain and increase the connections between brain cells. Puzzles and brain games are everywhere. We have a lot on our website, but you should be able to find a lot of different puzzles and brain games on the Internet. Most puzzles have different levels of difficulty. Just find the level that suits you and challenges you a little, and play those online puzzle games daily.

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