Fruit Swipe Mania Game

Fruit Swipe Mania Game

Fruit Swipe Mania Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Bejeweled Games

Welcome to the magical Fruit Swipe Mania, an addictive match 3 game that features fruits rather than the usual gems. Swap and match 3 identical fruits to crush them. Make special candy rocket by matching 4 similar fruits in a row and you get the magical cake when you match 5 fruits in a row. Try to unlock every level to discover some new challenges. Collect the booster items to help with the tough situation. You also need to make sure you gather enough fruits to win before you run out of moves. Have fun!

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How to Play Fruit Swipe Mania Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen. Swap and match 3 or more identical Fruits to crush them.

Enjoy a Silly Free Online Gems Game that will keep you busy

Now, if you are looking for a free online gems game that looks a bit silly, then Fruit Swipe Maniais the bejeweled game for you. The gems have been replaced by fruits that look like they are made out of jelly. This is a web game that has the same rules as any other gems game; match any three of the same color and they will be removed from the game. This is a kids bejeweled game that will keep you very busy when you have nothing else to do.

Play Bejeweled while Eating Fruit

There are many reasons while you should play bejeweled while eating fruit. This type of gem matching game brings a sense of calm and order: No matter what fruit you eat, you will eat it slower and more relaxing if you also play a game of bejeweled. The combination of eating food and logic thinking at the same time have also shown to help your brain stay healthy. This combination also provides an escape from your daily routine. Gem matching is also fun for all ages, the family members can just sit at the breakfast table escaped with each their online game without even having to fight and yell at each-other. The fifth reason is that some scientists even say that playing a bejeweled game while eating fruit, could even help reduce your problems with hemorrhoids.

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