Jewel Pop Game

Jewel Pop Game

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In this addicting game, that takes place in a beautiful park, your object is to match triplets of cute colorful balloons in lots of levels. You will be rewarded with explosive power-ups if you match 4 or more. The levels will become increasingly harder has you progress. Have fun!

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How to Play Jewel Pop Game

To select, tap the desired balloon and swipe towards the one you want to swap it with. Tap the on-screen icons for corresponding action (play, pause, hint...). Power-ups includes extra move, popping pins, and slick slings.

Kids love to Fly Balloons in the Park

Balloons are a blast and flying a balloon in the park is something all kids love to do. Children love to have a helium balloon tied around their wrist. It just really fun to run around and watch them fly in the air. There's so much fun you can do with a balloon. Fill them with water and toss them at one another waiting for them to break. Another fun game would be to blow up many balloons and put the kids into two teams. They would have to take a balloon, run to a chair, sit on the balloon and pop it. First team to break all balloons wins. You can also blow them up and tie them with a long string, and then just hit them with your fists. Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun? Then you probably would like to play the free Jewel Pop game online right now.

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