Puppet Hockey Battle Game

Puppet Hockey Battle Game

Puppet Hockey Battle Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Sports Games

Puppet Hockey is a super funny and addicting 2 player ice hockey game online. Play 1 on 1 hockey as one of the 12 best international ice hockey teams. Your objective is simple, use your stick to score as many goals into your opponent's net as possible. Have fun!

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How to Play Puppet Hockey Battle Game

Use the arrows to play, F for shoot or touch the screen.

Why Kids Should Play Ice Hockey

There are many reasons why kids should play ice hockey. Thousands of people pack into arenas to watch it, and hundreds of thousands pack their bags to play it. From the NHL, to a small backayard, this game is played with pride, heart, grit, sportsmanship, skill, and most of all, fun. Hockey for younger kids is about good times and developing individual skills. Ice Hockey is a very physical sport which helps kids become healthy, strong, and competitive. This winter sport can be very fun for kids who have a passion to learn, listen, and play hard.

Fun Ice Hockey Facts for Kids

There are many interesting and fun facts about the game of hockey for kids. It's known that this sport has been around since at least 1363, when Edward III of England banned the sport in a royal proclamation. However the histories of many cultures include playing games with curved sticks, dating as far back as 4,000 years ago to ancient Egyptian times. When a sport has been around as long as ice hockey, there are bound to be plenty of interesting facts, legends and stories surrounding it. Hockey pucks have three-inch diameters. They are frozen before each game so that they don't bounce during the game. The first hockey puck, used during outdoor pickup games in the 1800s, was reportedly made of frozen cow dung. Rinks in North America measure 85 feet wide by 200 feet long. Bobby Hull shot the fastest puck in recorded history, at 118 miles per hour.

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