Stone Smacker Game

Stone Smacker Game

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Stone Smacker is a Puzzle / Top Down game where the player needs to push the stones into the holes, to clear areas and find the treasure chest at the end of each level. Help the young redhead find all the treasure chests to help the people of his village. Solve the puzzles and have fun with this game!

10,571 play times

How to Play Stone Smacker Game

On Desktop: W-A-S-D to Move. Spacebar to Attack. Gamepad Compatible. On Mobile Devices: Touch Screen Buttons.

A Stone Smacker is often called a Quarryman

To begin, the simple definition of a quarryman is a rock-getter. In a quarry, the man excavates, cuts, and blasts stone. When the stones are thrown, the rumble begins and you have to make sure cover your ears and avoid being hit by flying or rolling stones. Ireland is a country where quarrymen were commonplace in the 19th Century. They dug by hand and used rudimentary tools, such as sledgehammers and chisels. They were hard workers and did not play around and did not find work to be a game. The only fun in quarrying stone was the time spent with their companion dog when the day was done.

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