Heroic Survival Game

Heroic Survival Game

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Heroic Survival is a fun survival RPG game where you have to survive though waves of zombies. Unlock powerful characters and destroy the zombie waves. Try to kill all the monsters to gain experience. Collect coins to buy new powerful characters. You can enjoy real-life live action-role in this adventurous game. Only the best hero game master can survive through these waves of dangerous zombies. Play Heroic Survival now for amazing fun!

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How to Play Heroic Survival Game

Mouse control: Left mouse click to attack. Right mouse click to sprint.

What does it mean that Person is Heroic?

A heroic person, is a person who is having or showing great courage. The heroic person might be an explorer, or a warrior trying to defend his people. The actions of a heroic person might help save the whole community from an attacker, or help provide for food for the colony. In many ways the actions of a heroic person is quite similar to those of angles.

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