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Hero Tales Game

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Make your way trough the level. Enjoy a fantasy world filed with monsters and magnificent views are waiting for you. Incarnate a charismatic and valiant character. He is all in to save his life and get rid of his enemies. But, be careful each enemy you kill will drain your life. It's up to you to manage the balance between you life and your attacks. You can regain life thanks to bananas, hearts and little apples you will find along the way. Hero Tales has the reputation of being one of the best browser games in the field of role-playing games. The interface of the game is quite clearly designed. Confusion arises at no time at all/ Have fun!

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How to Play Hero Tales Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play.

The existence of a Hero

When comparing the past and today, the existence of a hero is defined in a much different way. Heroes are usually immortalized in a so-called hero epic. This is a collective term for poems about the legendary deeds of a hero. Basis for this type of poetry is the heroic saga, such as Siegfried and the Nibelungen. The longest epic poem written by a human hand is called The Book of Kings and includes a total of 50,000 verses. This ode to the heroes of the time was written by the Persian poet Firdausi. The poet needed about 35 years for the transcripts of the major epics of the Persian world.

RPG gamers identify with the game and his character

For a role-playing gamer, it is important that he can identify with the game and his character. Therefore, in the development of an RPG, an extremely high value is placed on the back-story. Therefore, it is not uncommon that a development studio will rely on a book. Lord of the Rings and The Witcher are just two of many representatives of the genre and leave no detail unattended to. The player should have the opportunity to reenact the whole book with his own decisions.

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