Castle Defender Saga Game

Castle Defender Saga Game

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Defend your castle against the enemy invasion. Train your archers, knights, and cavalry to fight enemy forces. Promote and upgrade your magicians to cast magnificent spells on the enemy. Summon golems to smash the enemy troops to pieces. Defend against wave after wave of enemy attacks. How many waves can you survive?

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How to Play Castle Defender Saga Game

Tap the battle button to start fighting wave of enemies. Tap the lightning mage to cast a spell. Tap the swordsman to summon combat units. Tap the skill button to show skill upgrade menu. Tap the lightning image to show unit selection menu. Upgrade the castle to increase health and points. Upgrade the town archers to increase damage output.

Castles where used for Protection

Since the sixth century, castles were built in order to protect oneself from enemy attacks. At the time, there was barely a way around the massive walls, which meant that the inhabitants of the castle were pretty safe. In the event of an attack, even the surrounding population would flee to these castles. A major problem at the time was the storage of food. For in case of a siege, no other foods could be brought into the castle.

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