Battle Build Game

Battle Build Game

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The hero travels through the abandoned islands, moving between them with the help of teleporters. But finding himself on a new island, the Hero is forced to collect the mechanical elements of the destroyed portal. The details were appropriated by the monsters guarding the island. Each island has a strange merchant who sells auxiliary items. You can also find backpacks on each island. In the backpacks are useful things of the wanderers who did not manage to go this way to the end. Have fun!

11,127 play times

How to Play Battle Build Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play.

Looting in RPG Games

If an experienced role-playing gamer speaks of looting, he means the collecting of objects, which he obtains by defeating an opponent. Looting is considered an important activity in the world of RPGs. All items that can be picked up can either be sold to an AI-dealer or used for one’s own interests. In a group consisting of several online players, the looting will be decided at random or via waivers. Sometimes the specific character class plays a role, because not all items can be worn or used by any class. How high of a quality the items are depends on the programming of the game.

The Inventory in RPG Games

In role-playing games, carrying an inventory is an integral part of each game concept. The inventory stores collected items of all kinds. In order to maintain the realism a bit, the capacity of your inventory is limited so that the upper limit can be reached quickly after a certain time and depending on the hoarding habits. At this point, the gamers must decide what items could be for a current or future benefit. Each player should ensure that his inventory has free capacities at any time. If this is not the case, a time-consuming sorting must be completed even during a delicate phase of the game.

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