Drop-It Game

Drop-It Game

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Drop-It is a fun and relaxing block puzzle game inspired somewhat by Tetris, but without all the shapes, this time all the blocks are either squares or rectangles. Your object is to drag a block to move it horizontally, then drop it to make a move. If a line of row is filled, blocks at this line will be removed and your score will be increased. One cool feature of the game is the weight of the blocks could cause the stack to sink down. Have fun!

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How to Play Drop-It Game

Use mouse or touch the screen. Drag a block that can be moved (have empty spot on it's side), then drop it to make a move.

Build Skills in Early Childhood with Block Play

According to Journey Into Early Childhood building with blocks is not only fun, but also very important during early childhood. Block play is a great way to build skills that we ordinarily think of as academic or school-related. Blocks are especially beneficial when children are allowed to freely explore and manipulate the blocks in a variety of engaging ways. Children's creativity is further expanded through encouragement to make their own accessories from throw away junk items. When it comes to blocks, it's all in their imaginations.

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