Water Hop Chubby Game

Water Hop Chubby Game

Water Hop Chubby Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Jumping Games

This is a web game with sweet chubby kid who does not know to swim. So your job is to help this kid to a safe place without drowning. To do this you need to jump over platforms. But on left tap on the screen or left arrow on keyboard, the kids will jump only one platform and on right arrow or tap screen on the right side the kid will jump two platforms. Start to play and enjoy in this game. Watch on your time. You can catch clocks who will give you extra time. Have fun!

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How to Play Water Hop Chubby Game

Use mouse or arrow keys to play this free webgame.

What is it with Chubby kids and Water?

Chubby toddlers are adorable.Many children go through a chubby phase. It can be perfectly normal, and most will grow out of it naturally. You might have noticed it or you might be a chubby kid and then you know, chubby kids loves ti float around in the swimming pool, without doing too much. There is absolute nothing wrong with that, even-though doctors insists we should get all chubby kids a cool water bottle to encourage them to drink water and make it their beverage of choice. But, swimming is a great all-around workout, one that benefits almost every aspect of your child's health. It is easier for overweight children than other forms of exercise. The buoyancy in water can make movement easier for some children compared to activities outside the water. It is also easier on their joints. So, if you are chubby water is the key to be chubby and healthy at the same time.

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