Jumpy Kangaroo Game

Jumpy Kangaroo Game

Jumpy Kangaroo Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Jumping Games

Go on an adventure in the Australian outback. Jumpy Kangaroo is a cute casual game for kids as well as adult with funny sounds and adorable graphics. This is one of those nice games you can play to kill some time. Your task is to hop on the platforms. So, start playing Jumpy Kangaroo and have fun!

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How to Play Jumpy Kangaroo Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to go down and jump on the platform.

Animals in the Australian Outback

Koala bears are not really bears, but pouched marsupials unique to Australia. They eat eucalyptus leaves. Kangaroos range in size (from one to 200 pounds) and habitat. The Echidna (spiny anteater) has a long and sticky tongue perfect for catching ants and termites. Echidnas can lift twice their body weight. In this free online game you will also see a Monitor Lizard, which is part of an impressive group of reptiles that includes species ranging in length from eight inches to ten feet.

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