Jumpy Hedgehog Game

Jumpy Hedgehog Game

Jumpy Hedgehog Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Jumping Games

In this fun web game, you control a hedgehog who has a grudge against mole rats and so likes to jump on their heads. But beware of the scarecrows and flowers because if you jump on them, you will lose the game! You can jump farther by holding tap and you will lose the game if you hit the ground too. You score is based on how many mole rats you have jumped on. Have fun!

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How to Play Jumpy Hedgehog Game

Touch on mobile device or mouse on PC.

Robot Lawnmowers are Killing Hedgehogs

With grass-cutting robots growing increasingly popular, hedgehogs are more often getting trapped under their blades. Many folks these days have handed off the lawn responsibility to robots. These beefy, Roomba-like mowers loop their way around a yard, keeping grass trim and neat. To many of their users, the bots are endearing. Their owners give them names or cover them in decals of ladybugs or bumblebees. But the sentimentality only goes so far, because these blades-on-wheels have also been slicing up something other than grass: hedgehogs. Robo-mowers rank low in the robot hierarchy; they come equipped with basic sensors that prevent them from running over or colliding with larger objects, such as large rocks or trees, but they often miss smaller things, like young hedgehogs. Other animals, like birds or rodents, would flee an advancing bot. Not hedgehogs. Instead of running away from danger, they curl up in a ball. This response causes them to sometimes lose a limb or get scalped. Sometimes they die on the spot.

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