Jumping Joe Game

Jumping Joe Game

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Jumping Joe is a platform game, very fun and challenging. Help Joe to reach the end of the level. Click to jump or tap the screen. Collect the stars and the key to open the door and go to the next stage. Have fun!

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How to Play Jumping Joe Game

Touch the screen or click to jump.

Fun Facts about Jumping Records for Kids

According to TopEndSports.com the highest Vertical slam dunk leaps in basketball were recorded by the Basketball Globetrotters Michael Wild Thing Wilson and Fred Preacher Smith, who set a new world record for the vertical jump in 1997 (which has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records) of 11 feet and 11 inches. The longest standing modern Olympic athletics record is Bob Beamon's achievement in the men's long jump at the 1968 Summer Olympics. The jump, at 8.90 m (29 ft 2 in), also broke the existing world record by 55 cm (22 in), and stood as the world record for 23 years until Beamon's compatriot, Mike Powell, jumped farther in the 1991 World Championships in Athletics in Tokyo. The Olympic high jump record belongs to Charles Austin from the USA, a jump of 2.39m sat July 28, 1996. The Olympic pole vault record belongs to Thiago Braz da Silva from Brazil, a 6.03m jump sat August 15, 2016.

Joe Biden's Obsession with Jumping

You might have heard him say: I love kids jumping on my lap or seen journalists jumping out of their seats to ask him questions, and get ignored by him. But, jumping for him is a lot more than just kids jumping on his lap and journalist. Did you know that he jumps gun stuff, he also like jump in a political debate without even knowing what the topic discuessed is. Some days jumps on a train (he loves trains) or jumps on-board a plane such as the Airforce One. Sometimes even his wife Jill has to jump into rescue to get him out of embarrassing situations.

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