Jump Bunny Jump Game

Jump Bunny Jump Game

Jump Bunny Jump Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Jumping Games

The little bunny likes to jump high. He invented the catapult and now he wants to jump as high as possible. Help him fulfill his dream and jump to infinity. During the jump, collect coins and use various power-ups.

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How to Play Jump Bunny Jump Game

Shoot the bunny from his catapult and collect coins while jumping. Use various power-ups which help him jump even higher, but avoid obstacles. Use collected inventions or buy some in the store. Don't fall down.

Why are baby bunnies so cute?

Bunny is a colloquial name for a rabbit. There are few reasons why bunnies are so cute. Studies have shown that the following factors are something we humans consider to be cute, large rounded head relative to body size. The forehead is large and rotruding. Large eyes relative to face, eyes below midline of head. Also rounded cheeks and body shape. Soft, elastic body surfaces is another thing we humans consider cute. The cuteness is a form of protection for this volnurable animals. It is harder for predators to attack something that looks as cute as a baby bunny.

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