Flying Robot Game

Flying Robot Game

Flying Robot Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Flying Games

In this fun online kids game you get to be a flying robot. Move the robot with touching left and right buttons or keyboard left and right arrows or game pad (shoulder buttons). You can not use two buttons at same time. Your object is to find the ship, which will end the game. Flying Robot is a simple but addicting online game for kids of all ages. Have Fun!

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How to Play Flying Robot Game

Use touch button or keyboard arrow keys or game pad (shoulder buttons).

You Might have heard about Flying Robots

But, we doubt you have seen one in real life (and we are not referring to a drones). So, do flying robots exist for real? From what we have read there are no big flying robots, but scientist have developed these small robot insects that are flying. It is an insect-like robot, no bigger than a fly, takes to the air effortless, but still needs some improvements to the agility. Scientists are trying to build a flying robot with the same kind of agility as mosquitoes. Scientists envisions a time when their flying robots could be used as a search and rescue robot to find survivors in disaster debris that bigger drones couldn't reach. For example, in a building collapse with people trapped inside. Some people are convinced they are already out there: swarms of tiny flying robots discreetly surveying the world on behalf of their shadowy masters.

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