Dragon World Game

Dragon World Game

Dragon World Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Flying Games

Enter the amazing Dragon World and transform yourself into a mighty dragon. You can fly over the mountains, battle other dragons or make them your allies. This brand new adventure challenge will allow you to witness an epic battle among the kingdom where you find nothing but the powerful dragons. You as an amazing dragon can fly over a plenty of mountains and fight against other blood-thirsty dragons to make them your allies. Use a well-targeted fireball to hit them hard or apply your awesome firebath to fry them like you have not done ever before. Common friends, you can easily crush your opponents with the help of fire breaths and fireballs your dragon has. Bring them into use wisely to be the alpha dragon and become a champion of the battlefield in this html5 battle game. Have fun!

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How to Play Dragon World Game

Mouse - Look around/Aim. Mouse click -Shoot/Attack. Spacebar - Fly up. WASD - Move. Shift - Sprint. Q - Jump. R - Dodge. C - Down. T - Chat. Esc - Pause/Resume. Play well, collect coins and customize your dragon with different skins and prepare your own favorite fearsome winged beast. Applying the perfect combinations of moves will help find a way to the success. There are 5 cool game modes, different maps to explore, and a wonderful dragon combat that is supported by many interesting and engaging instances.

Fun Dragon Facts for Kids

Dragons are a much-loved mythological animal that are gigantic, powerful snake or reptile-like creatures. They have appeared in mythology throughout the ages and are especially popular and cultural in China. There are many fun dragon facts for kids. Dragons are snake or reptile-like creatures that are gigantic and powerful. They can usually fly and breathe fire or ice. They fly using large wings and their bodies are covered with scales, as is their long tails. Many dragons have red, slanted eyes. Depending on the culture, dragons can posses many different kinds of powers.

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