Chaki Jet Game

Chaki Jet Game

Chaki Jet Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Flying Games

This time Chaki want to try to fly. So he put jet on his back and start the adventure. You need to help him to fly more as he can and to avoid obstacles on her way. Have fun!

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How to Play Chaki Jet Game

Little Chaki Jet only keeps in the air when you press the screen, mouse or touchpad. The difficulty of the game Chaki Jet is that the hero needs to overcome obstacles from the walls with very narrow openings. At the same time, the openings are at different levels and you need to try to lead a small Jet through them.

What is Chaki?

Chaki is a Japanese term that literally means tea implement. In the vocabulary of Japanese tea ceremony, it broadly means (1) any implement used in the practice of chanoyu, and more narrowly means (2) the caddy for the powdered green tea (matcha) used in the tea-making procedures, although usually this implies (3) the caddies used in the procedures for making thin tea (usucha). The caddies generally referred to as chaki are relatively small lidded containers, and are not storage vessels. In preparing to perform a tea-making procedure (temae), the host carefully selects the caddy for the matcha that will be used, and, as an important part of the preparations, neatly places the matcha into it. The chaki is chosen to harmonize with the other equipment used for the occasion, and the chaki is among the items the guests pay particular attention to.

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