Sporos Game

Sporos Game

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Sporos is an online brain game that we hand picked for KidsAndOnlineGames.com. This is one of our most popular mobile friendly puzzle games. You take on the role as a lab worker in Wuhan, China. Your task is to spread the spores. Infect the entire board to complete each puzzle. Strategically place each virus on the board as you try to fill every last spot. Try to complete all the levels without watching the walk-through. This is a fun brain teasing puzzle game for you to test your logic skills. Have fun!

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How to Play Sporos Game

Click or tap to place the spores. Simply click the big play button to start having fun.

What are Spores and are they Dangerous?

Spores are bacteria and Fungi in a dormant state, where they are generally not actively metabolizing. Some pathogens can form spores when in adverse condition i.e. severe heat or severe acidity but then become active when conditions are more favourable e.g. a product in the danger zone, between cooking and cooling. Molds growing on food, damp walls or compost piles produce millions of spores that are frequently inhaled by humans and can cause diseases ranging from simple asthma to life-threatening illnesses such as invasive bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. A process called sterilization destroys spores and bacteria. It is done at high temperature and under high pressure. In health care settings, sterilization of instruments is usually done using a device called an autoclave.

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Sporos Game Walkthrough: