Frogs Matching Game

Frogs Matching Game

Frogs Matching Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Bejeweled Games

When looking for a challenging free online bejeweled game, then Frogs Matching is a good choice. Slide a row of candies horizontally or vertically to make a horizontal or vertical row of 3 or more similar frogs. Use mouse or finger tip to slide the rows. Frogs Matching is a web game that is designed for those who want to learn how to come up with strategies required for exception play in free online jewel games. Most people will play a game that allows them to remove the jewels and move up the levels without any other challenge. This soon becomes mundane, and they begin looking for challenges. Here is a free online kids game that will truly challenge you. Try and see how many levels you can complete in this time bound game. Have fun!

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How to Play Frogs Matching Game

Use mouse or finger tip to slide the block rows and columns.

Fun Facts about Frog Colors

Common frogs are usually green or brown, but just as the frogs in this bejeweled game they can vary in color quite a lot and sometimes they can be red, orange, black or cream-colored. Green frogs are usually mid-sized. The adult male frog is larger than adult female frogs. here are 3000 different types of species in the frog and toad family and all of them are just a little different and special in their own way. They all have very distinct markings and are definitely those colors for a reason. Some types of frogs are yellow, brown, orange, red, black, or a combination of these colors. A bright color could tell other animals if the frog is poisonous or not. Many frogs can change their colors according to their surroundings (camouflage).

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