Angry Owls Game

Angry Owls Game

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This is a free bejeweled game that has a theme based on owls. You need to click or touch groups of minimum 2 blocks of the same color to erase them. The more blocks you erase, the more points you get. Different power ups will appear at regular interval to boost your points. When you play this free online bejeweled game, you can imagine yourself surrounded by owls. Have fun!

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How to Play Angry Owls Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen on touch devices. Click or touch groups of minimum 2 blocks of the same color to erase them.

Free Online Bejeweled Games Takes you to Fun Places

Free online bejeweled games have become more exciting since they engage the player in some sort of tale or challenge. In the past, all one had to do was remove identical gems, and move from one level to the other; this soon became obsolete. Now you get games like Angry Owls, which allow you to immerse yourself in a story. The fun web game takes you to an exotic place full of owls. These types of bejewel games also give you the challenge of racing against time. At the first level, you get a slow timer, and the speed increases as you progress through the bejeweled game. However, you get some respite when you get to the next station, since the timer slows down once more. If the game were to keep getting faster, then you would soon tire, and give up before you complete the full quest. It is time for you to go on an online quest as you play the Angry Owls game. The levels are completed when the background tiles have been removed from the web game.

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