Jurassic Theft Game

Jurassic Theft Game

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Embark on a thrilling adventure back to the Jurassic era when you play the Jurassic Theft game! Play as the daring thief on a mission to snatch precious dinosaur eggs from under the noses of these ancient beasts. The mad professor's plan to start his own Jurassic theme park hinges on your success, so you must navigate through a perilous world filled with dangers at every turn. From patrolling Velociraptors to menacing Mosasaurus and swooping Pterodactyls, not to mention the terrifying T-rex on the prowl, the odds are stacked against you. Can you outwit these prehistoric predators and claim the eggs before it's too late? Prepare for a heart-pounding escapade unlike any other in the Jurassic Theft game!

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How to Play Jurassic Theft Game

Use the arrow keys or touch screen to control the player.

When was the Jurassic Era?

The Jurassic was a geologic period and system that spanned 56 million years from the end of the Triassic Period 201.3 million years ago to the beginning of the Cretaceous Period 145 Mya. The Jurassic was a golden age for the large herbivorous dinosaurs known as the sauropods-Camarasaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, and many others—that roamed the land late in the period. Large reptiles, including the largest known dinosaurs, were dominant on both land and sea. During this period, vegetation was greener and more lush. Flying reptiles ruled the skies. The earliest known birds also appeared. If you are in mood of playing dinosaur games, then we recommend you to visit the dinosaur section of AnimalPetGames.com, AnimalGames247.com or AnimalWebGames.com.

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