Cursed Treasure Game

Cursed Treasure Game

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Experience the ultimate tower defense challenge in this html5 version of the classic game, now optimized for mobile devices! Take on the role of a sinister Overlord, commanding a horde of orcs, undead, and demons in a bid to protect your precious gems from the clutches of heroic invaders. Strategically place your defenses and unleash devastating attacks to thwart the heroes' advances. But beware, they won't go down without a fight! Can you fend off the relentless onslaught and emerge victorious? It's time to show the world that you're not to be messed with in Don't Touch My Gems!

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How to Play Cursed Treasure Game

Use mouse. Instructions included in the game.

In Ancient Egypt Grave Robbing was Considered the Worst Crime

Grave robbers were in a hurry when they broke into a tomb to steal whatever they could find that had value. They wanted to grab and get away. The punishment for grave robbing was a horrible and hideous death. No grave robber wanted to stick around. Because they were in a hurry, they often broke the cartouche, the name plate on the coffin, when they opened the coffin. They ripped the fabric around the mummy, the preserved body, looking for treasure buried in the wrappings. The ancient Egyptians believed that everyone had a soul that split into two parts after you died. One part, the Ba, watched over your living family. The other, the Ka, enjoyed life in the Land of Two Fields. At night, both the Ba and the Ka returned to your tomb. But if something happened to your tomb, if your preserved body was damaged or your name was lost, the Ba and Ka would get lost. They couldn't find you. They would not be able return to the tomb. If that happened, you were lost forever, and your afterlife would be over. You can see why grave robbing, to the ancient Egyptians, was such a serious crime. They were stealing your eternity. Egyptian pharaohs often kept records of the precious items in their tombs, so an inventory check is presumed for archaeologists. Oftentimes, warnings would be left by the Pharaohs in the tombs of calamities and curses that would be laid upon any who touched the treasure, or the bodies, which did little to deter grave robbers.

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