Tiny Fish Factory

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Tiny Fish Factory Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Games

Tiny Fish Factory is an interesting free online bejeweled game where you are assigned to fill up the board with water for your fishes so that they can survive and give you more points. Imagine that you are rearing fish in a farm or factory, and you have to change their water every once in a while. You are supposed to feed them, and also know what supplements to give them so they grow up healthy. You may be rearing them for sale as pets and not necessarily for the dinner table. Tiny Fish Factory is a fun online game that intends to test if you would be successful in your endeavor. Remember that you should have a keen eye so you can see the fish that are similar. You need to bring three or more together so they can be removed from the board and water can flow into those cells. The water only flows vertically, so you should be more interested in making vertical matches rather than horizontal ones. However, if you cannot get vertical matches, then you have to make horizontal ones to keep the game on the move. If you take some time to see matching jewels, that form a group of three or more, then the game gives you a hint and highlights the gems that can be matched. As you move along, and fill the board with water, you will notice that the fish will become more generous and you will find yourself making more combos than you expected. You also have to strategize well, especially when you are left with 2 or 3 cells to fill; you have to ensure that the patters move in a manner that will help you fill these solitary cells before your time is up; after 5 minutes the game shuts down, and you will have to start all over again. Have Fun!

How to play Tiny Fish Factory game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Theme Bejeweled Games are the new Hype

Free online bejeweled games are becoming more popular since they now have stories and themes. Tiny Fish Factory requires a lot of strategy. You have to fill all the cells with water, but not haphazardly, but in a vertical manner. Ideally, one should start filling up water from the border cells. These have a habit of being left and in the long run cost you time as you try to swing the patterns towards them. Free online jewels games used to be about crating combos and having a quick eye to see where the next trio of gems could be formed, but today, you are finding more games which have a theme, and also try to tell a story. They add a lot more challenge to that of finding matching gems, and getting them off the board. Now you have to actually see which way to move the patterns. If you want to fill the left hand side with water, then you will try to make matches that are on that side, until all the cells are filled with water. This is precisely what the developers expect; free online jewels games that give you something to worry and strategize about.

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