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Blobbeez Gems Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Bejeweled Games

Blobbeez is a free online bejeweled game that features Blobbeez rather than the usual gems. The Blobbeez look like jelly beans and has a wobbly animation even when they are stationary. In this kids bejeweled game, you are supposed to match three or more Blobbeez in order to get them out of the board. Each of them will give you 50 points, but when you make combos, the scores are multiplied. As you remove them, you can see the meter on the side, a sort of Blobbeez bowl, filling up and the level will end when it is completely full. However, the time that you take to fill the bowl will determine the amount of points that you get as a bonus, so you have to be very fast. This kids bejeweled game also involves special tiles which have TNT and Bombs. TNT will remove Blobbeez in a 3X3 radius and bombs will remove them in a much larger area. When playing Blobbeez, you may not need a strategy, especially if playing for fun. There is no time limit so you can play each level for as long as you like. However, if you aim to top the score chart, then you should create a strategy. The Blobbeez fall into the board and bounce around, and this may be a bit confusing. There are also some colors that have very little variation, and these may also confuse you. For example, you can find Blobbeez in green and Light Green. You can also find these in Pink and Red. These may be a bit confusing at first but with some experience, you will not have any problem. You may also get a hint if you feel that there may not be any more pairs; but this will cost you a whopping 20,000 points, which can be all you make in a single level. Have Fun!

How to play Blobbeez game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Enjoy a Silly Free Online Gems Game that will keep you busy

Now, if you are looking for a free online gems game that looks a bit silly, then Blobbeez is the bejeweled game for you. The gems have been replaced by wobbly Blobbeez, creatures that look like they are made out of jelly. This is a game that has the same rules as any other gems game; match any three of the same color and they will be removed from the game. The fact that some of the gems are almost similar in color may make you pull some false moves, but you will get used to this after a while. The Blobbeez have an odd movement but this adds to the silly aspect of the game making it very popular especially amongst the young generation. The length of each level is governed by the jar on the left side of the game; you have to fill it with the jelly of the Blobbeez that you remove. The kids bejeweled game has different modes, and these are; arcade, which resembles all other, gems games; classic, in which you rotate a group of Blobbeez; and Puzzle which also requires you to rotate the Blobbeez but in a puzzle form. This is a game that will keep you very busy when you have nothing else to do.

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