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Darts Sim Game Online - Play Fun Darts Sim Sport Games

Who doesn't like an old fashion game of Darts? Think you can take on people from all around the world and show them how it's done? How good is your accuracy? Why not try this online version of the classic pub game of Darts. Keep a steady hand and a good aim and you can beat the best players from your local area, country or even the world! Have Fun!

Play Darts Sim game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun. Do you enjoy to play darts, and do you also enjoy to play online sport games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Darts Sim game online right now.

How to play the fun Darts Sim game online

Use the mouse to aim, left click to throw. Navigate menus with your mouse.

Learn the game of Darts in Detail

Did you ever want to play darts and did not dare to do so because you are afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of your friends? Then, Dart Sim is just right for you. Here you can learn the sport game of darts in detail and later put your acquired skills to the test with your friends. If you have never played darts, here is a short summary of the rules. Using three arrows, the players, meaning you, alternate in throwing at the dartboard. On this disc, there are several points you can hit. Whoever manages to hit exactly the center of the bull's eye, deserves much praise, because this is a very difficult throw, which brings a lot of points. Directly surrounding the bull’s eye is the bull’s ring, which brings a lot of points and is not as difficult to hit as the bull’s eye. Then there is the double ring and the triple ring. Here, the points are doubled or tripled, but it also requires some practice in order to make it. You can get this practice in Darts Sim. You can choose between different championships, which also exist in the real sport of dart. Then you can also choose another character. They all have different characteristics and throw differently accordingly. You play against the computer. So let us see which of you can score the most points. In order to throw, you simply move the mouse in a sudden movement in the direction of the dartboard and off your arrow will go flying. This game of Darts Sim is played according to the game mode. This means that all players have a certain amount of points to start with and every throw is deducted from these points. Who has a score of exactly 0 at the end, wins.

Fun Facts about Darts

Darts is a sport, in which a generally good physical condition helps, but the fitness of the players is not decisive. Despite World Cups, it is still a "bar sport" and many of the top players do not shine through an athletic figure. Nevertheless, they undoubtedly dominate their sport. Success in dart is based on concentration as well as coordination, feeling, talent and proper technique. Darts professionals achieve an average of 100 points with just 3 throws. They manage to hit a triple field, which is only about 2.5 x 0.8 cm in size, three times in a row at the prescribed distance of 2.37 m. An incredible achievement, which does not require physical, but a considerable amount of mental fitness.

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