Thunder Cars

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Thunder Cars Game Online - Play Fun Kids Nascar Racing Games

How would you feel if you were a NASCAR driver; the races come and your fans are there admiring your car and asking you for autographs. The cameras are clicking before you finally have to go and take your positions at the start. The race is flagged off and you driver fast as you chase the other drivers since you want to get past them. The racing tricks come put as some drivers try to stop you from passing them, you get to one point and you feint a pass on one side then suddenly switch and you pass on the other side. Now you are at the front, and you are winning, after a while you win; your fans are roaring with delight. This is the exact feeling you will get when you play the Thunder Cars game; it is a fast-paced Nascar inspired online game which will put you at the wheel of a NASCAR muscle car. You will race against other cars and you will pass them from the rear until you make it to the first position. You control the vehicle using the arrows keys with the up and down being for acceleration and braking, while the left and the right for steering. You will be required to race without hitting other cars since this will damage your car and it will be unable to compete again. As far as free online racing games are concerned the Thunder Cars game has very good response and the graphics are great. The developers know that racing fans want to see clear roads in their games. The track and the other cars are very clear in this game. Thunder Cars is a great Nascar race game for all those who love racing around a track; the game-play is somehow easy because you will mainly steer in one direction and only use the other when passing another driver. Have Fun!

How to play Thunder Cars game online

Use Arrow keys or WASD to drive. Use the X or N key for boost. R key to restart level, and Esc. for more options. Finish in the top 5 to unlock the next race. Use price money to upgrade your car.

Get Ready for some NASCAR Thunder

NASCAR is a racing circuit that has a wild following. It is usually held over long weekends and the drivers have to race for the whole 3 days so as to see who the champion is. The races are sometimes stopped and other times they can go through the night, with drivers simply changing but the car keeps on moving. This means that a team of three drivers could race the cars for 36 hours straight. In other races, the vehicles go for a number of rounds and then they come to an end till the next day. You may know a few of the NASCAR buffs or you might actually be one, the way those cars fly around that closed circuit is uncanny. One cannot understand how a driver can drive inches behind another driver just to make sure that he does not get wind drag. It is just amazing when the cars spin out of control and they end up in the field in the middle, spin around and get back on the track again to chase after the other cars. This is a race that will keep you glued to the screen for long time to come.

Play Thunder Cars game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun. Do you like racing games for kids, and do you also enjoy to play a fun racing game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the Thunder Cars game online right now.

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