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Ants World Game Online - Play Fun Kids Ant Flash Games

Thanks to raising water due to global warming the Ants World is sinking in the sea. It is up to you to help the ants, and you need to direct the groups of ants into the cave by giving particular ants their roles. Try not to let the ants fall high cliffs and try not to let them drown. A strategy to this game is to try and think ahead what roles you need them to do and at what particular time. You have a limited amount of roles you can give to ants so think carefully. Click the role you want to give to the ant, and then click the ant. Your goal is to save as many ants as possible by taking them through the end of each level. Have Fun!

How to play Ants World game online

Mouse point and click in this free online game.

The different Tools in Ants World game

You have several tools available to complete the task in this free online game. Each ant can only use 2 tools and the number of tools per level is limited. Here is a summary of each of them.

  • Stair Tool: Will cause an Ant ot create a stair that other ants can use
  • Vertical Driller: Can be used to drill holes in the ground
  • Side Driller: Can be used to drill holes in the walls
  • Jumping Tool: Can be deployed in the ground and will make any ant that walks over it jump in the air
  • Parachute: Use it to land ants safely (ants that fall from great heights will die if not using parachute)
  • Teleport: Use it to teleport an ant to a safe spot
  • Kill Tool: Useful to eliminate a remaining ant that couldn't be saved
  • Kill Em All: Will eliminate all the remaining ants in a level

Fun facts about Ants

Ants have been around for over 100 million years and they are very important to this world. According to Ants play a very important role in the environment. Ants turn and aerate the soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach plant roots. They also take seeds down into their tunnel to eat the nutritious elaiosomes that are part of the seed, these seeds often sprout and grow new plants. Ants also have diet consisting ofa wide variety of organic material and they provide food for many different organisms.

Play Ants World game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun. Do you like ants games for kids, and do you also enjoy to play a free puzzle game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Ants World game online right now.

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