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Masha Collecting Honey Game - Play Fun Masha & Bear Games Online

Masha went on a quest to find food for her bear, and what food can be better for a bear than honey? The only problem is that, in the forest, Masha's Bear is not the only bear, so, she has to collect honey while avoiding the other bears trying to stop her. Move Masha with your mouse cursor and guide her towards the honey, you have to reach to the honey within 50 seconds, without touching any bear on your way. Do you think you are fast enough to play this game? Have Fun!

Play Masha Collecting Honey game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun. Do you like to watch the show Masha and the Bear, and do you also enjoy to play a free kids game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the fun online Masha Collecting Honey game right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Masha Collecting Honey game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

Fun Facts for Kids about collecting Honey

The process of harvesting honey, also known as extraction, is defined and described step by step by WikiPedia and involves the delicate process of removing the honey from the honeycomb. There are ways to do this with and without an extractor. It is interesting and kind of funny that people figured out that they can get honey from a beehive, or hive because it really cannot be done without disturbing bees. In the early days, they must have really gotten some stings from bees and wild bees! Back then they had to learn soleley from trying and repeating until they were successful in getting enough of the yummy golden sugary syrup to put on their bread! Although this job can be somewhat dangerous, I'll bet the reward of gaining such a great reward is more than fun! These days you can learn how on youtube for free without having to learn the hard way.

Masha and the Bear are some Amusing Characters

According to WikiPedia, Masha and the Bear (Russian: Masha i Medved) is a Russian animated television series created by Oleg Kuzovkov and produced by Animaccord Animation Studio (Moscow, Russia), which is based in the oral children's folk story of the same name. This hilarious new family friendly show depicts the story of the experiences and happenings of a cute but very curious and mischevious little girl named Masha and a very watchful parental bear that seems to rescue her from the catastrophic results of her behavior, in just the nick of time! My daughter discovered this exciting show that has many episodes on Netflix a few years ago and fell in love with it. She now owns all of the characters, which We play with nearly every night before bed and although she has watched the entire episodes list many times, she continues to watch the show at least once a week and hopes for a movie to come out in English. She is 5 and plans to dress up as Masha and carry Bear with her this Halloween! The song to the show is very upbeat and may be possible to download. Here at, you can play many free games and have fun online with these amusing characters.

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