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Finally, we need not reach for the stars. They come directly to us! Well, the reason for this could be more beautiful, but you have the honor to fondly take care of the little luminous bodies in Star Doctor. As a star doctor, it is your responsibility to ensure that the sick stars recover and can then quickly return to their place in the night sky. The stars come to you with all sorts of ailments in order to be cured by you. Star Doctor requires your logical reasoning as well as a ready finger on the mouse. First, you will pull each star onto a free couch in the waiting room of the star practice. Once there is a free space for treatment, you can start with the treatment of the star. As a talented and ambitious nurse, you take on each single star individually, give him the necessary pats necessary or medications that alleviate the pain or even make it disappear completely. Some of the stars will be quite pale around the nose with their pained faces. Of course, the practice is prepared for such emergencies, so you will simply give them a new coat of paint. When choosing the wrong color, you will feel the wrath of the stars in the form of a significant point deduction! Therefore: Act quickly, do not make mistakes and always make sure to meet the needs of a star to its full satisfaction. Have Fun!

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Fun Star Facts for Kids

Mankind has been fascinated by flares in the sky since the beginning of time. Ancient faith was turned into a science, so that careful people discovered a system within the celestial bodies. Sailors and scholars calculated their routes or annual cycles with the help of stars. The light that we perceive in the world on a beautiful summer evening can sometimes be several hundred thousand years old. The reason for this is the distance of the planets, which radiate their light into space at the speed of light. The speed of light is relatively small compared to the size of the universe. By comparison, a motorist would circle the earth once at about 10 km/h.

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