Word Boss

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Word Boss Game Online - Play Free Fun Spelling Letter Games

Word Boss is an exciting new word / spelling game for children and adults alike where you have to create as many words as you can (in 2 minutes) using the 6 scrambled letter tiles provided. This fun word search game is perfect for anyone who wants to practice their spelling skills in a fast-paced environment or who just wants to have fun playing with all the weird and wonderful words. Have a go! See if you can become the next Word Boss. Have Fun!

How to play Word Boss game online

For fastest results, think of real possible words, then quickly type the words individually using your computer keyboard into the letter slots and hit the Enter key to submit each word. Alternatively, use your computer mouse to click and drag the letter tiles into and out of the slots in the game screen. Click on the letter tiles to re-arrange their positions in the slots (from left to right). You can change the choice of letter tiles (at any stage) by clicking on the “Refresh Icon” (two curved arrows) in the bottom left hand side of the game screen. You can see your remaining time in the top right corner.

Warning: Word Boss Might Drive you Nuts

This free online game might well drive you nuts! OK so, you only have 2 short-and-sweet minutes to get the job done! Only proper “dictionary” words are allowed – no text-message-type gibberish! You have to achieve a minimum word length - See the columns above for the word's length. In most cases, the minimum of a 3-letter word is required. When you finish the game, you are shown a screen with all the words that you could have used. You’ll be astonished by the number of words you could have used but couldn’t think of while the clock was ticking. Oh, the pressure! Remember, no acronyms or made up words. Best of luck!

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