Traffic Control Algebra

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Traffic Control Algebra Game Online - Play Fun Equation Kids Games

Traffic Control Algebra is a challenging and intense road management simulation game for kids in elementary school / middle school (and perhaps reinforcement for some high school students) where you have to control 4 sets of traffic lights at a busy crossroad junction by solving algebra-based math equations. You play the highly-intensified role of a highway traffic controller who has to successfully ease the flow of cars from all 4 directions by clicking on the correct answer (i.e. solving for x) to change the color of the light from red to green, and vice versa. Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic, but everybody also needs to get home safely. This means that you've got to employ a calculated organizational strategy to ensure all of the vehicles move safely onward toward their destination. This fun, innovative combination of traffic lights and algebraic equations is one of the quirkiest online game ideas that we've come across, and this smart, online mouse-clicking brain teaser is easily one of the most hectic and fun activities we've encountered. Your concentration levels simply must be at absolutely "100%" because you have numerous important responsibilities on your hands. You need to be vigilant that traffic doesn't back up too much in any of the 4 different zones, you have to make sure no collisions occur, and you also need to have your math brain switched on. Your problem solving and logical thinking skills are also really tested in this multi-tasking kids game. Ok, Traffic Math Master, simply ignore those honking horns, and see the job done! Have Fun!

How to play Traffic Control Algebra game online

Your goal is to successfully relieve traffic from a hectic 4-lane crossroads by answering algebraic equations to change the traffic lights on the 4 different sides of the crossroads (top, bottom, left and right). In each of the 4 corners of the game screen, there is a simple 'solve for x' equation above a choice of buttons from 0-9. Each equation corresponds with its respective adjacent traffic light. If you answer an equation correctly, the corresponding traffic light for that side of the crossroads changes from Red to Green (allowing the traffic in that zone to flow through the crossroads), and the equation 'refreshes' itself with a new problem. If you answer that new equation, that same light changes from Green back to Red. To answer an equation, simply Left Click on the number you think corresponds with that 'x'. For example; if the equation is x + 5 = 8, then x = 3. So, you click on the number 3 in order to change the corresponding traffic light.

There are 3 different ways to 'mess up', and end the game

1) If you allow traffic in one zone to 'back up' all the way beyond the game screen perimeter; 2) If you cause a collision by having too many lanes open (green lights on) at once; and 3) If you lose all of your 5 'lives'. Each time you answer an equation incorrectly, you lose a life (indicated by a heart icon at the bottom of the game screen). Once all of your lives are used, it's game over. See for how long you can keep the busy city traffic flowing. It's going to get hot and noisy out there!

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