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This game also more than deserves its name! Out of Control! Crazy! Simply Balla-Balla-Bing-Bong! The Impossible Quiz is a seemingly impossible task. Only if you can free up enough craziness in your mind, will The Impossible Quiz be a manageable challenge for you. The first principle is simple: Answer the questions with a right mouse click! You will quickly discover that you are not done with this simple action. You will find yourself getting caught with an open mouth and on the wrong foot, simply staring at your monitor in this free educational game in a confusing scratch pad design. The answers only rarely make sense at first glance. In The Impossible Quiz, you have three lives, which can be gone a lot more quickly than you would probably like. For some tasks, it may even happen that you have to skillfully use the mouse outside the game and need to navigate it carefully. If you make even the smallest mistake, one life will be subtracted from you in this free educational game. Once you have lost all your lives, you have to start all over again. Along certain parts, the quiz will show you some mercy. For example, you may skip a question after a certain number of correct answers and skip straight ahead to the next level. Once you have unlocked this option, you will have access to it at the bottom right. If you see a bomb with a burning fuse in the same place, this means that the clock is ticking against you. In this case, you have to answer all the question before the bomb explodes! You might like to know: The number of your lives plays no role when faced with this explosive power. Humor and fun will be your companion in this fun online game. Have Fun!

How to play The Impossible Quiz game online

Use your computer mouse to play this free online game.

All About the Skill of Abstract Thinking

Abstract thinking is a skill that not everyone has but that can be won through the appropriate kind of training. This type of thinking is primarily concerned with the detailed breakdown of complex problems. An example: A triangle consists of the point A, B and C. In comparison to humans, an animal would theoretically run to the points according to the landmarks of known alphabetic order. A person, on the other hand, would use abstract thought and go directly from point A to point C, in order to cover the distance in the shortest possible time.

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