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No less entertaining, but a welcome change from the previous versions of these undoubtedly impressive line of games. The Impossible Quiz PGI will remind you of a quiz show at first sight, which has been dominating the nightly entertainment program on TVs in many living rooms for several years. In The Impossible Quiz PGI, you are seated on the question-chair as a candidate and are faced with a bunch of trivia questions. The whole game atmosphere is refined through the television studio in the background, which actually creates the feeling of a real quiz participation. You have two lives to answer all the questions, which you can lose each when giving the wrong answer to a question. The you only answer questions with your mouse by clicking on the answer that is correct in your opinion. There are no less than 10 tricky questions waiting for you, which you then have to solve. Read each question carefully before answering them. Otherwise you risk a blatant error that is caused by a misunderstanding of the questioner asked. If you indeed manage to answer all questions in The Impossible Quiz PGI correctly, nothing less than the “Quiz Master” title will be written all across your forehead. But to achieve this goal, you need to focus your attention and read the trivia questions, let your thoughts wonder for a second and then approach the problem with a logical approach. Have Fun!

How to play The Impossible Quiz PGI game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

The origin of the word Quiz

In 1791, an Irish theater director made a bet. He claimed that he would be able to introduce a new word into the English language within the matter of only a day. In order to decide the bet in his favor, the director called Daly wrote the word "quiz" on walls and other objects in Dublin. The citizens were aware of this new coinage of a word and increasingly started to talk about it. Over time, the term manifested in the parlance of the English, so it soon became part of their vocabulary. Mr. Daly had thus won his wager. Whether it really happened like this is, of course, debatable.

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