Rocket Rescue

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Rocket Rescue Game Online - Play Fun Space Flight Kids Games

After a devastating asteroid completely destroyed your space station – your astronaut buddies became lost – scattered throughout outer space. However, the time has finally come to launch a daring rescue mission, and pick up your stranded pals before it's too late! Rocket Rescue is a challenging physics and gravity-based puzzle game where you must become the hero of the day, and save your astronaut colleagues by launching your rocket toward them (bearing in mind the power of the launch, and the gravitational pull of nearby planets and asteroids in the galaxy). You cannot affect the path of your rocket after lift-off – so make sure your launch calibrations and calculations are as accurate as possible. This fun and unusual brain teaser requires a basic understanding of physics and gravity – as you have to adjust the angle of your flight path, and take into account how gravity will affect your spacecraft. Utilize your steady hand and problem solving skills to make the precise alterations needed to your spaceship's course line. Patience combined with dogged determination is the key to success in this kids space game as there is a lot of trial and error required. Can you calculate correctly and save your stranded astronaut comrades? Good luck Captain! Have Fun!

How to play Rocket Rescue game online

Use your mouse and arrow keys to play this fun online game. In each of the 30 increasingly difficult levels, you have to launch your rocket to collect the unfortunate astronauts scattered throughout space. These astronauts are in very awkward and dangerous locations for a rocket ship to reach, so you have to adjust your flight path accordingly. Using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, adjust the 'Power' and 'Angle' of your flight trajectory. Up and Down Arrows adjust the Power; Left & Right Arrows adjust the Angle. The Power & Angle Levels are indicated along the bottom of the game screen. When you are happy with your intended flight path, hit Spacebar to launch your rocket. All going well, your rocket flies toward the astronaut – picks him/her up, and automatically zooms to the next level (in later levels, you have to pick up more than one astronaut per launch). However, large obstacles such as planets and asteroids/meteors can, and will, dictate your rocket's route to rescue your floating buddies. The gravitational pull of the planets alters the flight path by pulling the rocket toward the planet. This can be used to your advantage if your astronaut target is located behind a planet, and you need to steer the rocket around a corner (Remember, you cannot affect the rocket's flight once it has been launched). Larger planets have a greater gravitational pull. Grey colored asteroids have no gravitational pull, but act simply as obstacles. If your rocket crashes into a planet or asteroid, you have to go back and re-calibrate your flight path (this will happen very often in later levels, but luckily you have unlimited lives). Your rocket can bounce off the sides of the game screen without causing damage; However, each level is designed to be completed successfully without the need to bounce off the sides of the screen. When you hit off of one of the sides, your Fuel Level quickly reduces, so you cannot afford to be bouncing around for too long. Once your Fuel Level reaches zero, the rocket explodes and it's back to the drawing board. Alternatively, you can use your computer mouse or touchpad to aim and launch your rocket. Aim using your cursor, and Left Click to launch. Unfortunately, this is much more difficult and less precise than with the Arrow Key controls (which we recommend using).

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