Letter Twist

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Letter Twist Game Online - Play Fun Educational Kids Words Games

Letter Twist is a fun anagram spelling game for young kids, teenagers and adults where you have to unscramble the letters of two jumbled-up words to make them into proper words. This colorful word learning game is a fantastic way to boost your range of vocabulary in a fresh new way. It starts out easy-peezy, and then gets harder and harder until your brain is well and truly in a spin. If you get past all levels, you're a PRO. Have Fun!

How to play Letter Twist game online

There are two rows of letters, one above the other. Use you computer mouse to click on the letters in each or either row to move them up or down in order to unscramble the two hidden words. You can see your remaining time, score, number of words found and the game level on the left hand side of the game screen. You can see your energy bar on the right hand side of the game screen.

The Ultimate Goal of the Letter Twist game

Your goal is to create clarity out of confusion and sense out of nonsense. Words are everything, so find the right ones. The fewer clicks you make, the higher you will score. Don't make too many clicks or you will lose energy and be penalized. You only have 20 seconds to get the two words right. If time runs out, your energy starts to decrease. When all your energy is gone, it's game over and all the wonderful words disappear. Be warned, the words get more difficult at every level. OK, you know the score - it's time to get un-jumbling-updowning. What? Good luck Wordsworth.

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