Idiot Test 4

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Idiot Test 4 Game Online - Play Free Fun Educational Kids Games

Unusually bold, but still a true masterpiece among all quiz games. You will be dubbed "stupid" in Idiot Test 4, receive very little grace and also need to build on your highest concentration. Idiot Test 4 has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve to push your patience to its limits and to push you into a frenzy of irrational thinking. With your mouse, you have to act sensitively in Idiot Test 4, because otherwise the free educational game can quickly be declared over. If you hit the smallest blue button on the playing surface twice, for example, then you better make sure that it is actually the smallest button! If you are asked whether you like chips, you should think very carefully! Despite all the existing audacity, this quiz is more than worth it and you should definitely give it a shot. Whether alone or in pairs, the tears of laughter will soon be rolling down your cheeks. If you have successfully completed the respective rounds, the fun kids game will share a password with you. You can use this password at a later point in the game to continue. A funny cartoon graphics-style and suddenly appearing animations when you move your cursor over a specific part of the game emphasize the unique charm of the game. Do not let yourself be fooled by the well-designed environment and climb up quickly on the hierarchy in the ranks of the "intelligent" idiots. Have Fun!

How to play Idiot Test 4 game online

Use your computer mouse to play this free online game.

Exercise Brain Cells with Puzzles

Solving difficult puzzles is a widespread hobby. When traveling, many use their time in order to solve tricky problems and breathe live into their gray brain cells. Here is a task: Paul loves animals more than anything! 100 Euros are available to him, with which he wants to buy 100 animals (dogs, cats and birds). Paul pays 15 Euros for a dog, 1 Euro for a cat and 25 cents for a bird. He will end up with no money left over at the end. How many animals of all kinds can Paul buy? SOLUTION: 3 dogs, 41 cats and 56 birds!

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