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Chemikul Game Online - Play Free Fun Educational Kids Games

Chemikul is an online science/chemistry based web game that will send you on an atomic mind-bender of confusion - as well as provide endless hours of enjoyment! With super-slick ambient graphics and simple acoustics, it's a learning experience that anyone can enjoy. The goal is to create molecules using all of the atoms floating in the game screen. There are six types of atoms and they all have different amounts of "Valence" (combining power), ranging from 1 to 6 in strength. Have Fun!

How to play Chemikul game online

Use your computer mouse to make connections between the atoms by holding down the left mouse button and then joining to the other atoms. If you like, you can change the type of atom by clicking on it but this will cost you points.

The Valence of an Atom

Win the free online game by using up the Valence of each atom. You can see the Valence number of each atom beside it – Used Valence/Full Valence. You need to be as fast as possible. Once the bar at the top of the game screen runs out, you lose. This experience is sure to set off chemical reactions in your brain. Give it a go!

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