Arithmetic Challenge

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Arithmetic Challenge Game Online - Play Free Fun Educational Kids Games

Do you want to sharpen your math skills? Arithmetic Challenge is an awesome educational math game for kids, teens and grown-ups where you have to quickly race against the clock to answer as many Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division equations as possible in oneminute. We all know that the best way to develop our mathematical mind is by exercising it each day. This challenging brain-teaser puzzle does just that; it gets you to concentrate and use your mathematical thinking cap, and in turn, enhance your logic and reasoning skills. This free kids game also forces you to type quickly, with nifty finger work required. The more arithmetic practice you get playing this fun math testing game, the easier you should find it. Attack those sums,and you never know who might achieve a high score worthy entering on the leaderboard! Have Fun!

How to play Arithmetic Challenge game online

Use your computer mouse to click on the "Play" icon to start. Next choose your preferred operation; Click on "+" for Addition, "-" for Subtraction, "x" for Multiplication and "รท" for Division. A number of simple numerical equations are displayed on the game screen, and you have one minute to answer as many as you can. Start at the first equation by typing in your answer to the space using your computer keyboard. When you have answered, you get a correct or incorrect symbol beside your answer, and the computer cursor automatically moves down to the next equation in the playing area. You get one point for each correct answer. When you have answered ten questions correctly,you progress to the next level, and the calculations get more difficult. See how many accurate answers you can achieve in 1 minute, and remember... "Practice makes Perfect"!

Free Online Educational Games Takes you to Exotic Places

Free online educational games have become more exciting since they engage the player in some sort of tale or challenge. In the past, all one had to do was remove identical gems, and move from one level to the other; this soon became obsolete. Now you get games like Quest, which allow you to immerse yourself in a story. The fun web game takes you to exotic places, such as those that you see in Indiana Jones movies. You are shown a map at the start of the game, and you move from one dot to the next, when you complete each level. These types of jewel games also give you the challenge of racing against time. At the first level, you get a slow timer, and the speed increases as you progress through the educational kids game. However, you get some respite when you get to the next station, since the timer slows down once more. If the free online game were to keep getting faster, then you would soon tire, and give up before you complete the full quest. It is time for you to go on an online quest as you play the Arithmetic Challenge game. The levels are completed when the background tiles have been removed from the game.

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