Stunt Mountain

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Stunt Mountain Game Online - Play Fun Kids Driving Web Games

Stunt Mountain is an unrealistic, outrageous driving game with crazy physics. In stunt mountain you drive a powerful ATV trough beautiful landscape. Your goal is to achieve the levels in the shorter time as possible. Stunt Mountain is a fun dirt bikes game where you have to finish each level within only 90 seconds. There are three well designed levels to practice your skills on, with a very powerful ATV. To put it all in one word, it's fun. You'll have an unlimited amount of lives to get through as many levels as you can - and the levels only get harder as the web game goes on. Have Fun!

Play Stunt Mountain game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun. Do you like driving games for kids, and do you also enjoy to play a free web game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Stunt Mountain game online right now.

How to play Stunt Mountain game online

Use the arrow of you keyboards to play this free web game. Drive your ATV, the up and down keys will let you move forward and backwards, while the left and right arrow keys will let you lean forward and backwards. Press spacebar to switch direction. Collect coins for extra points and try to make it to the end of each level in this exciting driving game. You have only 90 seconds per level so go fast.

Get a High Score in Stunt Mountain

To get a high score in this driving game, you'll have to rack up a huge amount of points, and there are two ways of doing so: gaining points by doing tons of front flips and backflips, or gaining points by grabbing bonuses. One way is a lot easier than the other though; since, when you grab bonuses, they'll disappear after you initially touch them. This means that bonuses are only good the first time around - you'll have to beat a level after you grab them, and if you restart a level, you'll have no chance of getting them back. So the best way of getting a high score in Stunt Mountain, as the name suggests, is by doing a ton of stunts. Each level in the game has a ridiculous amount of ramps, hills, and jumps anyways, so you'll have no problem doing flips - just landing them. And, once you do get used to the controls, scoring points is an absolute breeze. All in all, Stunt Mountain is a fun, engaging driving game that can get a bit frustrating due to its difficulty.

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