Shoot the Gems

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Shoot the Gems Game Online - Play Free Fun Bubble Shooter Games

Shoot the Gems is a free online bubble shooter game that is designed to look like a free online bejeweled game. All the bubbles look like gems. When the game begins, you have the choice of selecting the mode of play. There are three modes, and these are Easy, Medium, and Hard. If you are a seasoned bubbles shooter, then you can try the hard mode, but if you are just a novice, then you should probably go for the easy one first. In order to explode the gems, you need to bring at least 3 or more together and then they will disappear. The gems in this case have a six-sided figure and they fit into one another like a glove. Strategies of going for the higher gems first so the ones at the bottom can be detached may not work very well in thins case. The shape of the gems make is hard to make those shots that could pass in between a single gap; in this case you might need a space of about 2 gaps. It will be hard to remember that you are playing a bubble shooter game, but you will get the hang of it. The animation, especially when the gems are exploding, can be quite graphic. Each of the jewels has to explode on its own, instead of all together. Once you get used to the first mode, you can go to the others and see if you will manage to finish them all. This game is not timed, so you can take as long as you would like to get the right gems. The gems also do not come down towards the canon; making this the most stress-free bubbles blasting game that you have ever come across. Have Fun!

How to play Shoot the Gems game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Experience Trickier Trick Shots in Shoot the Gems

Maybe you remember how free online gems games looked like, so you should not forget that and begin clicking on the jewels when you start playing this free online game. All of them are match 3 games, but in this case, there is some shooting that needs to be done. It is time for you to go shopping so you can get your significant other to know that you do care. Here is the chance to get her some jewels which she will completely cherish. Well, you really do not have to go to the store; this is a fantasy story. You can play it all in your head as you shoot down the gems and wonder how it would be if you actually got her the jewels. This is a free online bubble shooter game that you will enjoy passing time with. Maybe you are tired of looking at circles and balls, and now you would not mind a hexagon. The bubble shooter game is also trickier, especially when it comes to trick shots; you will have to rethink bout making shots through tight spots. Whenever you have time to kill, it would be great to try out this lovely little game, since it will truly give you a challenge.

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