Fairy Town

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Fairy Town Game Online - Play Free Fun Bubble Shooter Games

Fairy Town is a free online bubble shooter game that is based on the world of fairies. You get to shoot down pearls. You are supposed to move the mouse in circles until you come across two or more pearls of the color and then you shoot using the left mouse button. This will cause the pearls to disappear. You should aim for pearls that form the longest chin since this will increase your scores. Even if you cannot get the pearls of the same color, you should try and build chains of same colored pearls for a long as possible. You also have bombs placed within the cluster of pearls, and you can fire on these in order to remove a lot of pears at the same time. The bombs do not have a color and you can fire on them using any other pearl. This bubble shooter game is timed, and you must keep an eye on the time so that you can meet the threshold before being time barred. Secondly, do not use your ammunition poorly, since it is also limited. All the information about time and ammunition is clearly shown on the screen. The motion in this bubble shooter game is fairly interesting. The canon moves very fast and comes to a stop with a great ease-in-ease-out motion; this can be a little confusing at first, but you will soon get the hang of it. This is a great free online bubble blasting game that will have you delighted for quite a while. The fun online game has 12 levels, and you have a certain number of jewels to collect before you can reach the pinnacle. See how good you are at shooting bubbles by trying the full journey, racing against time, and watching your ammunition; see if you can reach the end of the fairy tale and be happy ever after. Have Fun!

How to play Fairy Town game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Make up the story as you go along

Fairy tales are usually about gallantry and kindness. Usually there is an evil that has come to the people and has to be eliminated. The people cry for help and usually a fairy or a prince comes to their help. This is a free online bubbles shooting game where you can make up the story as you go along. You can be the brave, handsome prince coming to the rescue of the people, or a damsel in distress. You can also be a fairy god-mother coming to the aid of a hapless girl who is being mistreated at home. You can create your adventure and enjoy shooting down the evil pearls so as to get to the treasure hidden at the centre of the cluster. The treasure is hidden by magic pearls, but you can get past them. However, you must do so before the bad people return. You have very little time to do so, so keep an eye on the clock. Similarly, do not go wasting what little you have to fight the pearls; keep an eye on the way you are using your ammunition, lest you find yourself grasping for weapons and arrows that you no longer have.

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