Cosmic Rocks

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Cosmic Rocks Game Online - Play Free Fun Space Shooter Games

Cosmic Rocks; this is a game that is based on space exploration. Imagine that you are in space, and you have come to an asteroid belt. You cannot abort the mission, so you have to find your way through the cosmic rocks. You have to shoot down the rocks so you can get a path through which your ship can go through. This is the story behind this bubble shooter game. You are to match three or more asteroids, or meteors, of the same color in order to get them out of you way. You must make sure that none get to the surface of the ship or you will all perish. This means that you have to keep them from reaching the bottom of the game. The game also comes with special items that fall from the skies, when you shoot the asteroids, and you should collect them for added bonus scores. There are also special targets that will help you remove a lot more rocks and you should keep an eye out for them. The motion of the rocks in this bubble shooter game make it different from other bubbles shooting games since the rocks are not symmetrically shaped and this makes it very difficult to make trick shots. You may think a shot will go through, only for it to be halted by others. You have 180 seconds to finish the level, and you have to be very careful that you do not perish before them. The rocks come down at a very fast pace, and you have to be fast when shooting at them. If you are not careful, they will be upon you, and you and your crew will perish in outer space. This is the time to prove that you can be a space cadet of note and win this race for space exploration. Have Fun!

How to play Cosmic Rocks game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Whould you like to a Space Cadet?

How would you feel about being an astronaut? The question is very obvious; you would be ecstatic. This is a free online bubbles shooting game that will allow you to be a space cadet. You will be charged with going into space and charting out areas that have never been discovered. You are brave and you do not fear the things that are out there is space; things such as asteroids. Now there are large rocks which move at very fast speeds, even if they seem to be stationary. They can sometimes be as large as the moon, and you have to evade them. Luckily the ones that you find in this game are not that large, and you can easily shoot them down. However, an asteroid needs to be shot down so that it does not damage your ship. This is the reason why you and your crew need to be vigilant and shoot down the rocks. Your crew is your eyes and your fingers. They have to be very fast in spotting the rocks and shooting them down. You have a short time to survive, but know that even if you lapse for a few seconds, it could cost you your life.

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